Meet the
Committee &
How to Get Involved

Meet the Committee & How to Get Involved


Executive Committee

  • Chair – Kimberley Pursche
  • Secretary – Lee Martinez
  • Treasurer/ Deputy Chair – Janice Eygenraam
Committee Members
  • Anne Evans
  • Hayley Colyer
  • Samantha Forsyth
  • Cyanne Westerman
  • Helen Whyte
  • Jeannette Cowan
  • Trudy Robinson
  • Richard Parker
  • Kingsley Hampton
  • Elisha Roberts

Kimberley Pursche


Janice Eygenraam

treasurer/ DEPUTY CHAIR

lee martinez


samantha forsyth

assistant secretary

helen whyte

committee member

hayley colyer

committee member

cyanne westerman

committee member

anne evans

committee member

elisha roberts

committee member

richard parker

committee member

trudy robinson

committee member

jeanette cowan

committee member

kingsley hampton

committee member


  • Come along to our meetings
  • Volunteer to help at an event
  • Make a donation
  • Come along and bring a friend to our events
  • Tell your friends and family about our network

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Kim (as she liked to be known) or “Kimbas” a woman in her own right, with passion for family, community, a love of all creatures, her 4 dedicated dogs (Boof, Bear, Sophie, Indie), her cat (Ellie) and the environment, especially the outback. Kim gave her all to the Whyalla Suicide Prevention Network (WSPN Inc), her work, community, and her passion for mental health education. We thank her from the bottom of our hearts.

She faced challenges, conversations, and the desire to do what was best for the community like a warrior with compassion and empathy. The people who had the pleasure of meeting Kim knew her as a shining light, whose infectious smile, warmth, and compassion could light up any room. She was a beacon of hope and a source of inspiration to us all.

Kim joined the WSPN in 2018 after attending one of our functions, within a year after lots of encouragement from the then chair and secretary she was nominated and elected to Chair at the AGM that year. At this time Kim had several commitments, so she accepted the nomination on the condition that she would officially take up the position in April 2019. Kim agreed with assured support from the leaders and members of the group who would guide and mentor her on this journey. Kim welcomed the support provided and became a motivating, inspirational leader for the WSPN for the following 4 years. Kim also flourished as an outstanding woman and leader in the Whyalla community.

Kim inspired members of the network to embrace activities that continue to serve the community to raise the awareness and decrease the stigma of suicide. Kim would dream and aim for the stars; she is one who is, as quoted by Rumi.

“Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of one who sees.”